Artist Frank Brangwyn: Brass Shop, 1907

Artist Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956): Brass Shop, 1907


Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956):
Brass Shop, 1907
Framed (ref: 3149)

Signed with monogram t.l.: ‘FB’

Oil on canvas, 79 x 79 in. (200.7 x 200.7 cm.)

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Reference: Galloway 81
Provenance: Sir James Roberts, and by descent; Cyril Leeper; private collection
Exh: Berlin Academy, Berlin, 1912 (No 2773); Twentieth Spring Exhibition, Bradford, 1913 (No 157);  Venice Biennale, 1914 (No 1334) ; Exhibition of Paintings Drawings and Etchings by Frank Brangwyn, 184
Queen’s Gate, London, 1924 (No 55); Frank Brangwyn, Leeds, Bruges, Swansea, 2006
Lit: Walter Shaw Sparrow, Frank Brangwyn and his Work, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, 1915, p95, 234
Ill: Walter Shaw Sparrow, Frank Brangwyn and his Work, London, 1915, facing p88;
NM Lazareva, Frenk Brengvin, Izobrazit, 1978, plate 28

The painting was awarded a gold medal at the Berlin Academy in 1912, and is one of Brangwyn’s seminal works.Brangwyn obviously had problems perfecting the sparkling brass pots and pans,writing to his friend RHKitson that he had ‘been trying to paint the brass pots and I feel wretched’, (37) but his efforts were not wasted,Shaw Sparrow noting that ‘their handling could not well be bettered’. (38)
The painting was purchased by Sir James Roberts (1848–1935). Born into
a poor farming family in Haworth,Yorkshire,Roberts started work at Saltaire Mill at the age of twelve and eventually succeeded Sir Titus Salt as owner of the mill. He established the chair of Russian at Leeds University in 1916, and in 1928 purchased and bequeathed to the nation the home of the Brontë family, Haworth parsonage. He probably purchased this particular work because his wife, Elizabeth Foster, had been brought up in Brass Castle, New Jersey.